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13 Oct

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One response to “Tools ‹ Thehappydrummer’s Blog — WordPress

  1. thehappydrummer

    October 9, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    thehappydrummer Mission:

    About me:
    Sunday Jam Mission:
    PROFILE 124 W. Broadway Eugene Oregon, USA – Rich Platz – Master Of Ceremonies – Live Jazz at The Sunday Jam 124 W. Broadway 541-302-8188 >>>>

    Express, from the depth our souls, our gift to give freely through improvisation! That is The Happy Drummer declaration! Be in the moment and transcend even hours and hours of grinding out, step by step, your practice of techniques and skills, memorizing into the unconscious; to indeed move your eyes off the written notes of the page. Attempt to step onto the stage and carve out your space for all to hear your testimony of your inner voice of experience. From this, one could become a BandLeader, and teacher of new and curious budding students of the art of jazz!

    Cheers, thehappydrummer


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