Welcome to a True Jazz Community!

09 Aug

Follow Jazz In Eugene/Springfield OR

Coming up:  First Time Ever Be Bop Festival, May 22, 23rd, Wildish Theater

630 Main St.,Springfield OR, 8 PM – Three Shows per night!

Not a bad seat in the house!


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  1. thehappydrummer

    August 14, 2014 at 1:37 am

    A receipt will be forwarded back to submitted signee. either by Mail or Email!
    Thanks Again!

  2. thehappydrummer

    August 9, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    Reblogged this on Thehappydrummer's Blog and commented:

    First Annual Eugene/Springfield OR Jazz Be Bop Festival
    ^Wildish Theater – 630 Main St. – Springfield OR
    May 22, 23rd – 6 PM
    A T T E N T I O N : S U P P O R T E R S !!!

    Dear Supporter, Please pledge!
    This First Time Ever, Major Jazz Event
     : This is to inform you of this First time Ever Jazz Event, that will be promoted nationally!
    The venue has sufficient parking right next door to W!ildish Theatre!
    Intemission will be catered with gourmet snacks and beverages!.Your venue can be permanent for all annuals forthcoming!
    This is a work in Progress, so stay tuned to this most important American Music Event!  There will be much more information forthcoming!
    The supporter’s payoff will have you becoming a part of History!
    *** Overview ***

    Prepared by Producers: Stephen Ambrose & Rich Platz
    July 2014.
    Stephen Ambrose/ 541-505-1197
    Richmond Platz/ 541-543-3245
    Because Be Bop is related to an American Cultural Revolution, its history, and that its truly an American Art Form, the festival *policy is to stand in this tradition, and bring it to the public in that way.
    Festival will include: Be Bop Film Show is in the works, which an associate has exclusive rights to.
    LINEUP: We are so proud to present these Be Bop Masters –
    Fri.-Mimi Fox, In top 5 Jazz’ guitarists in Downbeat Mag. “…She can do anything she wants on the guitar”. Joe Pass.
    Sat-Nancy King, Scat Singer, In top 25 jazz vocalists
    Fri-The Brubeck Tribute Band, Nick Rieser piano, Jack Neiderman bass, Dana McWayne sax, Rich Platz drums.
    Leading area Be Bop Musicians, well steeped in the genre,.interspersed throughout festival performances. Times tba.
    Adam Harris, w/Advanced U of O musicians, others
    Joe Manis Trio, Northwest Saxophoneist Extraordinaire
    David O’Toole, w/ Barbara Dzuro, Mike Hans, Bruce Cole, …
    Eric Richardson, w/Drum Richardson, Dan Powell, Kenny Reed …
    *Our Policy is to reflect music performed by Jazz Be Bop Players who are well steeped in the genre, and tradition. All musicians involved will be informed, and stand by this honorably, throughout all performances. This event will remain true to the Be Bop Genre, in the purest sense! Personell could change withot notice
    Even a small contribution helps a lot! Thank You! Your logo will appear in Promos & Broadcasts
    End: Attention Supporters We can forward broad overview Now.


    Pledge To Be Bop Festival
    fill in fields

    [Organization Name] ____________________________________________________________________________!

    [Mission Statement] (You may submit MS on Blank Sheet if you prefer.)
    (Perhaps a few words about why you would be moved to support Be Bop, a true American Art Form?)
    Donor Information (please print or type)

    x ______________________________________________________________________
    Billing address
    x ______________________________________________________________________
    City, ST Zip Code
    x ________________________________________________________________
    Phone 1 Phone 2
    x ______________________ ________________________
    Fax | Email
    x _____________________________ ______________@_____________________

    Pledge Information
    I (we) pledge a total of $_______ to be paid: ☐now ☐monthly ☐quarterly ☐yearly.
    I (we) plan to make this contribution in the form of: ☐cash ☐check ☐credit card ☐other.
    ☐Money Order, Highly Recommended
    Credit card type | Exp. date
    Credit card number ____________________________________
    Authorized Signature ___________________________________ Good Thru Date _____________

    Gift will be matched by (company/family/foundation)
    ☐form enclosed ☐form will be forwarded
    Acknowledgement Information
    Please use the following name(s) in all acknowledgements:
    ☐I (we) wish to have our gift remain anonymous.
    Signature(s) Rep _____________________________Date __________
    Signee ______________________________________________________
    Date ___________

    Please make checks, corporate matches,
    or other gifts payable to:
    [Organization Name] _________Be Bop Festival__Rich Platz__________________________________

    [Street Address] _____1133 Olive St., #912, ___________________

    [City, State ZIP Code] Eugene OR 97401

    Thank You! Remember, donating has you in Jazz History, as this is a true First Time Ever Event!
    Call Rich: 541-543-3245 for any related information!
    Rich Platz, 1133 Olive St. #912, Eugene OR 97401


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